Porsche 911 T

Porsche 911 T

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Porsche 911 T

Year built


engine power

140 HP




This particular car is probably the best original preserved Porsche 911 Coupe in existence.
Originally shipped to the Dealer in Avelino it was subsequently sold to Dr. Giovanni Cardona Albini He sold the car to Federica Mazullo in 1978 in Nov. 2000 the car was bought with a total of 27.300 Kilometers from Mr. Carmelo Campanella of Napoli aged 66 at that time who had the car in his showroom Due to health issues he sold it in 2004 to a Dealer, in March 2005 The car went thru a service (badge on rear lid) showing 33871 Kilometers, who again sold it in Feb. 2006 to a friend and collector in ITALY.

In March 2007 the car was sold to us still showing a total of 36850 Kilometers. The car was kept in our personal collection and only used on dry days for pleasure rides and being kept in a climate-controlled environment.

In Jan 2008 it was sold to a German collector who did some driving with the car.

In 2018 we acquired the car back now having total of 38.900 Kilometers.


The car is still in its first paint and does not show blisters, scratches or any other wear like fading stone chips etc..
Since the color is still so bright it seems almost unbelievable that it is still first paint which it is.

We did execute a paint to the bare metal measure and the real car enthusiast does know that the original paint Will measure from 150 MM/ Mu to 190 MM/ Mu.

The car paint shows thickness as follows (measured in 3 spots of the particular area)

  • Roof: 85 -106- 77
  • Front Hood: 113- 108-15
  • FR. Fender: 129-108-99
  • Door Left: 109-99-115
  • L.Rear Fender: 126-135-117
  • Rear Fender: 140-163-158
  • R-FR. Fender: 149- 123-162
  • Door Right: 118-163-158
  • Engine Lid: 214-220-226

Looking at the figures one can see that the paint has not been touched besides spot repairs So as the engine hood.
There are no color differences what so ever.

All bonnet and door gaps do fit perfectly to an outstanding overall quality, no rust on neither the lower door edges nor on the panels does exist.

The floor underneath the car does not show any dents from rough usage thru the years, the suspension is all original with all rubber bearings in perfect shape giving you a smooth ride like the first day of its construction.

All Alu trim is original and as new condition, the Alu window frames show a superb quality and fit tight so annoying wind noise does bother the driving pleasure, the rubber parts are original still soft in touch and not faded.

All chrome front light are original with no scratches or dents same to all the glass around which is Still as factory supplied.

All interior parts are unmolested as being looked at a 2-year-old car, the carpet is not worn to any degree.
The dash so as the side panels do not show a wear or bends due to extensive sun or being exposed to the elements for almost 50 years.

The headlining is original cream white as supplied from the factory with no tearing holes in perfect condition, even the sun visors are as new what is almost impossible for cars from that production time.

This car still has its original first door seals never being replaced or torn apart.

Both map pockets fit still straight like never been seen in that originality.

Still in unmatched original quality are the accessory parts like mirror, rubber trims, window frames and furthermore the rear grill so as the Porsche Letters in its special light dark black anodized color scheme.

The Fuchs wheels as factory supplied do show almost no scratches in the paint or its anodized surfaces

The engine and gear box are matching the car shifts smoothly the engine runs perfectly in idle so as being powered up and accelerated.
The brakes so as pads and lines are original but have been overhauled with new pistons in the calipers.

This very late 911 F model represents and upmost original example sporting all bit and pieces as it came from the factory.
Of course, the original Service book, Manual, tools, original trunk carpet containing the original reinforce wood bracket in the carpet pocket all keys etc..


  • Inside Black- Front Seats Leather
  • Engine: 2.4 Liter Carburator
  • Chassis No.: 9113501221
  • Engine No.:  6532190   matching
  • Delivered May 1973 to Autocentro Guiseppe Benvento Avellino Italy