Porsche 935 K4 Martini

Porsche 935 K4 Martini

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Porsche 935 K4 Martini

Year built


engine power

680 hp


Silver/Martini Design


A bodyshell with the chassis number 91A0134012 was used for this Porsche 935/K3/K4.

This body is a chassis manufactured in 1980. The body with the vehicle title number 71592731 had been damaged in an accident and was purchased by the company dp Motorsport in January 1981 from the company Kannacher GmbH without the engine and transmission.

In cooperation with the company dp Motorsport Sweden, a Porsche 935 K3 racing car was built from this body in 1981.

An ONS log book (registration number: 5/10894/81) was also issued for this vehicle on 22 May 1981.

The vehicle was then entered in the 1,000 km ADAC Race on 23 May 1981.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the company DP Motorsport also produced the bodies and the glass-fibre reinforced plastic components for vehicles in the Kremer racing stable including the K1, K2 and K3.

At the same time, the company DP Motorsport also produced car bodies for these Porsche Group 5 vehicles for other teams.

The vehicle was shipped to Sweden at the end of 1981.

During a test drive in Sweden in 1982, it was involved in an accident and suffered damage to the front section.

The vehicle was then completely rebuilt with a front and rear steel tube frame based on the similarly designed Kremer K4 to achieve an even lower chassis.

Our vehicle was already classified as a 935 K3/4 when the first log book was issued.

The main differences were the flatter design of the vehicle during its manufacture and the significantly larger charge air cooling intakes in the rear side panels.

The vehicle was originally fitted with a rear spoiler as used on all K3 models.

In 1983, the construction of the new 935 K4 was completed in cooperation between dp Motorsport in Germany and DP Motorsport in Sweden.
The new car had a tube frame made out of steel in contrast to its sister vehicle (which had a tube frame made out of aluminium).

The drawings for this tube frame design were made available at the time by the Porsche Racing Department, which had used this type of aluminium tube frame design for their vehicles.

The Porsche K4 vehicle with the chassis number 91A0134012 then received the new chassis number – DP9358901 – from us for internal identification.

The sister vehicle built by DP Motorsport – at the time for the racing driver Jahn Lundgardh – is today owned by a Swiss racing driver following a full restoration a few years ago.

Our vehicle was equipped at the time with a 935 dual ignition and dual turbo engine with a 2.8 litre displacement and delivering approx. 680 hp.

Another special feature of this vehicle was that the entire tank area was located nearer to the centre of gravity of the vehicle.

Power is transferred to the rear wheels via titanium wheel shafts.