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This Porsche is a reconstruction of a Porsche 911 ST from 1970/1971 using a Porsche 964 for the basic structure.
These vehicles used to be so successful in GT sport that they were able to achieve overall victories in international competitions. This was due, amongst other things, to the performance-enhanced engine variant with approx. 250 hp and a slightly wider body so that 7-inch and 8-inch wheel rims could be used.

In combination with a simplified body, a more firmly tuned chassis, a wider track, greater overrun, broader shock absorbers and lighter interior fittings, these changes not only enabled improved acceleration and better braking performance but also delivered a very balanced driving performance overall.

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Of course, vehicles of this type were not yet fitted at the time with the comfort features of the late 1980s and 1990s such as ABS or power steering but were equipped instead in a comparatively puristic manner.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Porsche developed a vehicle in the form of the 964 model that still had the attraction of an air-cooled engine combined with a modified transmission but was at the same time also equipped with a modern McPherson chassis. Very precise power steering and an ABS braking system were also used here for the first time.

In addition, the semi-trailing arms on the rear axle were modified and their shortened lever arms had more in common with the configuration of the Porsche GT sports cars of the 1970s and 1980s such as the RSR and the 935 or 930 Turbos.

However, this model was accompanied by an enormous increase in weight. While fully equipped vehicles built in 1971, such as a 911 S, still weighed 1,025 kg and the lighter ST versions even as little as 860 kg, the Porsche 964 models already weighed 1,350 kg.

At the same time, these models were fitted with an engine with a displacement of 3.6 litres and thus achieved an output of 250 hp at just 6,100 rpm. Overall, this vehicle was very harmonious to drive with enormous torque of 310 Nm at just 4,800 rpm.

If we summarise the key data, the base engine from the 964 already delivered the performance achieved by the race versions of the former 911 ST models after tuning in the workshop. Due to the higher displacement of 3.6 litres instead of 2.5 litres, these engines are extremely dynamic and mobile, as well as being very agile when accelerating from low speeds.

The aim of the company PS Automobile GmbH was to combine the advantages of both vehicle series. The goal was to transport the outstanding components from the air-cooled Porsche 964 with its advanced technology back to the look of the 1970s. In the process, the aim was to recreate almost 100 per cent of the details of a Porsche 911 ST from the year 1971.

The result was a unique vehicle model that combined the look of the 911 ST with the great technological leap in the 1990s in a particularly innovative way.

The following changes were carried out in detail:

  • Reconstruction of the front bumper, including the discrete styling of the area containing the latches on the bumper of the Porsche 911 ST from 1971
  • Original rubber bumper bar strips and decorative frame
  • Replacement of the right and left wings, incl. the enlargement of the wings on the Porsche 911 ST using glass-fibre reinforced plastic, in accordance with the 1971 model
  • Replacement of the front indicator lights, right and left
  • Addition of components incl. glass on the indicator lights, fitted with chrome tape in accordance with the 1971 model
  • Fitting of the chrome horn grille at front left and right, in accordance with the 1971 model of the Porsche 911 ST
  • Replacement of the front bonnet with an F-model bonnet made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, in accordance with the Porsche 911 ST
  • Fitting of two H4 main headlights with chrome trim, in accordance with the F-model of the Porsche 911
  • Replacement of the windscreen: Fitting of a windscreen with rubber seals, incl. decorative chrome trim, in accordance with the F-models of the Porsche 911
  • Replacement of the side and triangular windows at the rear with polished aluminium window frames in accordance with the F-models
  • Extension of the rear wings in steel, design according to the 911 ST models up to 1971
  • Modification of the entire rear end with a bumper made out of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, in accordance with the Porsche 911 ST models up to 1971
  • Reconstruction of the rear chrome bumper guards, according to the 1971 model
  • Fitting of an aluminium boot lid
  • Fitting of the original chrome grille, in accordance with F-models up to 1971
  • Fitting of rear lights and reversing lights, fitted with chrome trims in accordance with the F-models in 1971
  • Use of the lettering “Porsche” in gold, “911” also in gold and the “ST” sign in accordance with models like those from 1971
  • Replacement of the door handles for chrome door handles or polished aluminium door handles in accordance with the 911 F-models
  • Replacement of the rims for “Fuchsfelgen” size 16″ (rear 8″ and front 7″ x 16″) with an anodised outer edge and an inner star hub painted in silver
  • Fitting of the original round exterior mirrors on the left side, in accordance with those used up to 1971
  • Fitting of new fog lights in the front bumper, in accordance with the F-models up to 1971
  • Reconstruction of the lower sill to cover the air conditioning and oil cooler, with a mounted aluminium profile
  • Reconditioning of the shock absorber elements
  • Replacement of the spring elements with shorter and a little stiffer springs
  • Modification of the chassis settings, based on the years of experience held by the company PS Automobile in the area of motorsport – the result is a completely neutral driving performance
  • Complete overhaul of the braking system
  • If desired, more powerful braking system at front and rear


  • Complete overhaul of the engine
  • Polished inlet and outlet channels
  • Modification of the air intake ducts
  • Special air flow meter from the world of motorsport
  • Optimisation of the key characteristics in the engine control unit
  • Modification of the exhaust system and optimisation of the sound of the engine
  • Replacement cat exhaust pipe (if desired)


  • Complete overhaul of the engine
  • Larger pistons and cylinder (3.8 litre displacement)
  • Cylinder heads from a 964 RSR
  • Larger inlet and outlet valves
  • Modified camshafts and timings
  • Conversion of the fuel injection system to a single choke fuel injection system (modification of the entire engine control necessary)
  • Twin pipe exhaust system
  • Exhaust manifold
Interior Fittings
  • Removal of all insulation materials
  • Fitting of the original carpet from the Porsche 911 S, in accordance with the F-models
  • Modification of the gear lever to include a gear knob, in accordance with the 911 F-models
  • Fitting of two Porsche 911 S-type sport seats with pepita covers
  • Changed rear seats, in accordance with the 911 S – like on the F-models
  • Modification of the door handles and the opening mechanism, in accordance with the Porsche 911 ST
  • Fitting of a historic radio from the company Becker in a traditional look for the 1970s
  • Fitting of an iPod connection
  • If desired, fitting of a navigation system in a traditional design
  • Loudspeakers in the side doors

All of the measures carried out led to a reduction in weight of approx. 170 kg so that the total weight of the vehicle was only 1,230 kg (original 1,400 kg).
In combination with the improved performance data and the optimisation of the chassis, our 911 ST offers a unique driving experience with the possibility of year-round use.

All of the vehicles selected as the basic structure for the reconstructions have a sunroof (available optionally without a sunroof), automatic seat belts at front and rear and a passenger airbag.
A driver airbag is possible after replacing the Nardi sport steering wheel.

The VAT is included for this vehicle.
The final price of the vehicle depends on the options chosen.

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