Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera RS

Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera RS

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Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera RS

Year built


engine power

210 hp


Indian red


In 1976, Porsche produced a special model in a limited edition of 123 vehicles that was equipped with the more powerful 210 hp motor and a mechanical piston pump.

Of these 123 vehicles, only 15 cars were produced in Indian red.

This special vehicle with the chassis number was 911 660 9062 was delivered to the company Fleischhauer in Bonn in June 1976. The first owner was Mr Volker Hoffmann, also from Bonn.

The vehicle was pre-ordered with the larger 7″ and 8″ Fuchs wheels. Additional options included the black anodised components, a radio aerial, loudspeaker and the front and rear spoilers.

In 1978, the vehicle was sold to its last owner – a Mr Jochen Hausherr from Cologne – and remained in his possession until 2016.

The vehicle has a complete service history. All maintenance and repair activities have been meticulously documented. The original speedometer broke at a mileage of 38,377 km. The speedometer number was 9116415300. A new speedometer with the no. 91164150329 was installed. The original speedometer was given up for repair; the new one ran from 2/6/1977 with a mileage of 1,161 km. This second speedometer remained in the vehicle until it reached a mileage of 86,776 km.

On 9/6/1986, the original speedometer was reinstalled, still at a mileage of 38,377 km. Up until 13/10/2010, this speedometer had a total mileage of 187,137 km.

Finally, on 13/10/2010, the second speedo was reinstalled displaying a mileage of 86,776 km. On 30/06/2016 the mileage was 95,028 km.

The total mileage of the vehicle is therefore 180,615 km.

The engine and gearbox of the vehicle are original. The engine was extensively overhauled by specialists.

The vehicle is pictured and described in detail in the book “Carrera 2.7” by Ryan Snodgrass and represents an important milestone in the history of Porsche.



Black fabric red/blue/black checked